Maybe it's time to ditch the Fuzz?

Here in New Zealand, the Director of Health recently recommended that all front line workers shave off facial hair to ensure the best fitting of face masks.  A short time later, the newly appointed Police Commissioner recommended that ‘The Fuzz get rid of their Fuzz’.  He shaved off his own beard as an example.

Once the crisis is over, I’m sure many health workers and cops will regrow beards but for those who decide they prefer to keep the clean shaven look, maybe it's time to look at why they stopped shaving in the first place? If it was to hide a weak chin or to follow the ‘woke’ hipster trend, we can’t help until you decide.  If the reasons were to do with expensive cartridge blades, razor burn, rashes and irritated skin from shaving then read on.

Until around 15 years ago, I was on the same big brand merry-go-round.  That’s what the ads tell us right? ‘The best a man can get’. Best for their profits, not for us.

I saw shaving as just a morning chore to do as quickly as possible and without thought. A pack of 100 safety razor blades bought in a supermarket, while holidaying in Turkey changed all that - the fact I didn’t have a razor in which to use the blades started a journey that I’m still on.

A good single blade in a safety razor, shaving brush and good natural soap instead of chemicals from an aerosol can will transform the chore into a time for reflection and pleasure.  Shaving with a safety razor needs a bit of time and effort to learn (or re-learn if you are old enough) but the benefits to mind, skin and your pocket will be more than worth it.

By David Glynn


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