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  • Brand: ARC
  • Product Code: arc-angular-rosewood-brush-best-badger

This shaving brush has a hand-carved Rosewood handle with the ARC Logo engraved into the wood base.

The handle features a chrome ring at the top where it meets the knot.

Modern synthetic fibre brushes are good but they still do not beat a badger brush like this for holding water and keeping shape.

This brush is ideal for lathering up hard shaving soaps and creams, like our ARC shaving soaps.

Brush Dimensions: 

Bristle Diameter: 55mm 
Bristle Length: 55mm 
Total Length: 110mm 
Knot Diameter: 20mm 
Handle: 35mm at widest point 

The Auckland Razor Company logo has been etched into the handle base.

The Rosewood has been pressure varnish treated to provide water resistance and many years of service.

Looks great as part of our shaving sets or on its own.

We only sell retail in New Zealand and Australia, for other countries we sell via distributors and retailers in the particular country or region.

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