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  • Brand: Derby
  • Product Code: double-edge-blade-sampler-pack

Not sure which blades you prefer? - 

This sampler pack contains 40 of our most popular blades in total, these will last you around 1 year if you shave every day, as one blade lasts around 7 shaves.

Pack contains:

1 pack of 10 Derby Extra Blades

1 pack of 10 Dorco Blades

1 pack of 10 Persona Platinum Blades

1 Pack of 5 Gillette 7 O Clock Blades

1 Pack of 5 of the new Derby Premium Blades

These blades fit any traditional double edge safety razor.  Blades individually wrapped in a paper wrapper and in card or plastic outer case.

We only sell retail in New Zealand and Australia, for other countries we sell via distributors and retailers in the particular country or region.

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