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Lovely Gillette Slim Adjustable, fully restored in bright nickel as original.

The Slim Adjustables are very sought-after and this one is date code N2 (2nd quarter of 1968), so is the very last batch of the Slim Adjustable ever produced.

This razor has been fully restored by me, the process is:

Dismantle razor, strip old plating, polish, replate in copper, then bright nickel, assemble, adjust mechanism, blade gap etc, paint in black numbers, lubricate, test.

The the open/close/adjuster works beautifully and the razor is ready to shave.  Will last a lifetime, if washed in warm soapy water and lubricated periodically.

No original case, will come in a plastic case.

Model: Gillette Slim Adjustable- fully restored (last year of manufacture), made in USA

Year: 1968 Quarter 2 (N2 Date Code)

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