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This approx. 100g Professional Alum Block is a 100% natural product that has been used as a shaving aid for centuries.

Yet surprisingly many men today are unaware of its properties in the art that is Shaving.

Alum, also known as Potassium Alum is one of those products that once you try you will be forever converted to its benefits.

Alum Blocks are crystal cubes formulated from naturally occurring Alum deposits. The Antiseptic property of the minerals are a boon for cleansing and tightening the skin.

What does it do?

Application of a moistened Shavex Alum Block on shaved skin cools down razor burn instantly, cures minor nicks and blemishes and closes open pores,

leaving behind smooth and even skin. Its astringent qualities are marvellous.

Those of you already using Alum blocks will know the secret of this product, those who have yet to discover it, will be pleasantly surprised.

The Alum Block is an excellent Post Shave Healer, Facial Skin Toner, Natural Deodorant and a handy Antiseptic Tool.

Simply wet your skin and rub the block over your face (legs etc.) leave for around 1 minute and rinse. Gently dry the Alum Block to prevent it dissolving. 

Made in Turkey and used in Turkish barber shops


We only sell retail in New Zealand and Australia, for other countries we sell via distributors and retailers in the particular country or region.

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