Why Vintage Safety Razors?

The unusually named King Camp Gillette invented the safety razor and blade concept way back in 1900s.  It took the company a while to perfect the blades in terms of mass production and sharpness, but they got there.

The original safety razor produced by Gillette from 1904 evolved over the years and many models and designs were produced up to the1980s, when the trend switched to Cartridge Razors.

There is a lot of interest in vintage safety razors from both collectors and users.  Some just want to acquire mint condition boxed examples of as many makes and models of razor.  Others want to use a safety razor of the type their father or grandfather may have used.

The ARC specialise in restoring vintage safety razors and we will soon be offering a selection of mint condition original and fully restored Safety Razors, mainly from Gillette but also from other high quality makers.  Some are rare, others are more common but highly usable.

All of the vintage razors offered will take a standard modern double edge blade, so you'll enjoy the same low cost of shaving.

The photo shows a fully restored Gillette Adjustable (Slim) Safety Razor from 1960s

Watch this space..


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