Getting the Most from your Razor and Blade

The Safety Razor Shave

Shaving with a safety razor, like most things that are worthwhile, takes a little bit of time and practice to master.  Once you get the hang of it though, you’ll experience a close shave with a lot less skin irritation and problems.

With regards the razor and blade, around 80% of the quality of the shave is due to the blade and 20% the razor.  The razor has to be of good quality of course, but it’s the blade that cuts the hair.  Our advice is to try a sample pack of blades and once you find the ones that suit you, stick with them.

For example, many traditional shavers prefer the Japanese made Feather blades.  I find these blades give me nicks, strange as it sounds, they are too sharp for my liking.  I find that Derby blades always perform well and give me a close, comfortable shave.

Its personal preference though, so try a few different blades.


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