How Safety Razor and Straight Razor Shaving Benefits the Environment as well as your Skin

Today’s cartridge razors use disposable blades that are a composite of plastics with the multiple steel blades moulded into the plastic surround.  This makes them very difficult to recycle. A safety razor (double edge or single edge) blade on the other hand is a single piece of carbon or stainless steel that can easily be melted down and recycled at the end of its life.  Even if not recycled, these blades will rust away in a few years if buried, unlike plastic which takes centuries to degrade.

A straight razor is just honed (sharpened) when dull and if cared for, will last a lifetime, so there’s no wastage at all.

As for your skin, safety razor or straight razor shaving, (once learned) provides a better, more consistent shave.  Cartridge razors actually shave too close! Really, isn’t close good?


Well, no, because the cartridge razors achieve their closeness by stretching the skin with a layer of rubberised fins at the tip of the blade.  These stretch the skin and slice off the hair below the surface of the skin and this unnecessary closeness causes many of today’s skin and shaving problems.

Hair cut below the surface of the skin can grow painfully into the upper layers of the epidermis. Once the hair follicles begin to do this, there is a high chance of causing ingrown hairs, razor bumps and razor burn.  The corporate razor and cosmetics companies then capitalise on problems their razors create by peddling all manner of soothing balms, ‘sensitive’ shave gels and the likes.


These skin problems are severely reduced and even removed altogether by shaving with a good quality safety razor or straight razor, leaving your skin in excellent condition every time as they cut hairs directly at the skin’s surface and not beneath.


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